Cine Lens Nightwalker S35 16mm T1.2 MFT-Mount Black

Users can capture wide-angle images with this 16mm lens, especially background, starry sky, vast land or shooting in narrow indoor situations. This fast aperture lens with 0.3m minimum focus distance brings you brilliant and unique shooting experience.

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Sirui Cine Lens Nightwalker S35 16mm T1.2

Instead of exaggerated distortion of other lenses, precise optical design of this SIRUI 16mm lens helps control distortion, which makes shooting smooth and natural.

Reducing the use of fill light in low-light conditions makes you a run-and-gun filmmaker. Besides, there is no need to use extremely high ISO and you can get a pure low noise night scene.

Because of its great optical performance, the image is still sharp at max aperture. In addition, fast T1.2 aperture contributes to pleasing bokeh quality and clear subject, thus giving the footage extra expressiveness and aesthetics

Stepless aperture ring design helps to shoot smooth and stable scene.

Aspherical Lens, ED Glass and High Refractive Index Glass are added to reduce lens size and meanwhile provide outstanding optical performance with perfect sharpness, minimal focus breathing and strictly controlled aberration and distortion

The weight of one single lens with advanced optical construction is less than 600g, which creates a new era of lightweight fast aperture lens.
Also, strong aluminum alloy construction helps protect inner optical elements.

  • All focal lengths of the same mount have the same size
  • Identical gear position across the lenses for quick lens swap
  • Matched color tone and image quality
  • Uniform 67mm filter thread
  • Identical 77.6mm diameter focus ring with 270° focus throws

SIRUI launched 24mm, 35mm and 55mm before.
Now, wide-angle 16mm and telephoto 75mm further complement the Night Walker Lens Kit.
The 16mm and 75mm are also T1.2 fast aperture lenses and there are still two colors for your choice - black or metal gray.
Lenses of this kit feature consistent look, similar character, high sharpness, minimal breathing effect and affordable price.

All Nightwalker lenses are available in 5 Mounts:

  • Sony E-Mount
  • Canon RF-Mount
  • Fujifilm X-Mount
  • MFT-Mount
  • L-Mount

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